What clients are saying

“It’s great to have a dress that was made just for me! With my height it can be hard to find the dress length I prefer. I also loved being able to customize the sleeves and neckline just the way I wanted. Measuremake worked to make the final product perfect!”


“I am in love with my dress! It is so well-made, the material feels great, and it is so flattering on my body!”


“With each fitting Measuremake made sure the dress fit me right and accentuated all the right things. It was so nice to be able to design a dress with the fit and style I wanted!”


“I really love my work by day, party by night dress!”


“I really enjoyed the experience of meeting Krista. I especially loved that she made the process comfortable when she took the measurements and when I tried on the dress. I’m very self conscious and she made me feel good about myself as we designed the dress and when I tried it on. Her business is like a positive self- esteem message as well as solving the great fit challenge.”


“Why do I love my dress from Measuremake? I finally feel like I have a beautiful piece of clothing that fits ME! I always feel like I have to search for hours until some random dress that may be hideous doesn’t make me feel disgusting. I can’t wait to get another tailor-made dress fit just for me!”


“I am unbelievably happy with the entire process of dress-making magic that happened at Measuremake. When I tried on the dress, I could not be more satisfied – it is slimming, flattering and I can’t wear it for date night!”


“I love my dress!… It fits me so well and the style is incredibly versatile. Krista really listened when I talked about the parts of my body I wanted emphasized and the parts that can give me trouble with typical ready to wear fashion.”


“I appreciated how Measuremake always responded quickly and worked around my schedule. I especially liked that I didn’t have to leave my house and deal with other shoppers, searching through racks, waiting in line, etc! The fabric is awesome – structured yet still soft with some stretch – and the dress is very comfortable, plus it looks fantastic and gives me a good shape. Really impressed with how the top fits with the problems I’ve had fitting my bust in the past! Thank you!!!”


Amazing dress that fits perfectly and looks very slimming! The fitting was extremely quick and easy, and the final result definitely exceeded my expectations.