Ownership and care

How to care for your Measuremake dress, from day to day maintenance to little mishaps.


Cleaning your Measuremake dress is super easy – no dry clean required! Just machine wash cold, lay flat to dry. If needed, you can also iron it on a medium setting with or without steam.

Durability: Does it pill? Fade? Shrink?

Nope, none of the above.

We, too, are exhausted of clothes that fall apart (or pill or fade or shrink), and durability was really important to us. We laundered the heck out of a piece of test fabric when we first got it in, and it’s still going strong- no pilling, fading, or shrinkage.

As long as you wash it cold and lay it flat to dry, yours will too.

Spots and stain treatments

Below are a few tricks, beyond soap and water, for getting out some of the most common stains. We have personally tested all of these on our fabric, and can verify that they are safe for your Measuremake dress.

Important: remember to always blot your stain rather than rub when possibly – too much rubbing will “chafe” the fabric and visibly damage the fibers. Also try not to pull or prod the fabric while you’re treating it or you may distend the area. It’s best to lay the dress flat to work.


Best Solution: dryer sheet

Sounds a little crazy, right? We thought so too – but it works. Gently rub your deodorant mark with a fresh dryer sheet, and it will gradually work its way out.

If you don’t have dryer sheets handy…

Back-up Solution: water

This ones takes more patience. A wash cycle is ideal, but chances are you already have the dress on. If that’s the case, get the deodorant mark saturated wet, let it dry, and repeat the process until the deodorant disappears.


Best Solution: shaving cream

Apply a dollop and gently work it into a lather on the spot. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse.

Back-up Solution: rubbing alcohol

Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and dab it on the stain until it lifts out.


No worries, Dexter – we gotchu.

Best Solution: hydrogen peroxide

Wet a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and dab the stain until it lifts out.

Back-up Solution: No. Get thee to a drug store and just buy the dang HP.