How it works

We measure. You design. 

Our dresses are made individually for you and your figure. Each one is crafted using your unique measurements.

How it all goes down…

We’ll meet you wherever it’s convenient for you, you’ll get your measurements taken and choose your color, sleeve style, skirt length, and neckline. You can also see examples of other dresses and feel the fabric. Usually takes 15 minutes, and we’ll come to you. Way better than the mall.

Step 1: Choose from nearly 30 gorgeous colors!


Left column, from top: eggplant, berry, light teal, lime green, white, orange, red, navy blue, cream, dark gray

Right, from top: watermelon, fuchsia, teal blue, royal blue, wine, evergreen, dark teal, taupe, coral, black

(Not pictured: about 10 new colors for fall, including blush, light gray, deep red, periwinkle, and more!)

Step 2: Design your dress!

Choose from countless style options, including:





Skirt styles:


The length of your skirt is also fully customizable.

Have another style detail idea? Just ask! We are always open to new looks!

Step 3: Have your measurements taken by a stylist

Measurements take just a few minutes, and our team will do the work.

Step 4: Try your dress on at your fitting

In less than a week, the dress is ready! We’ll meet again so you can try it on for fit, then make any alterations needed.

Step 5: Custom dress bliss!

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Why Custom?

There are so many great benefits to a measuremake dress!

The number one biggest benefit is fit – a measuremake dress fits your figure like a glove. Clients often say it their measuremake dress is the most flattering one they own!

Other wonderful reasons to design a measuremake dress include:

  • Attention. Your unique dress fitting is completely 1 on 1, and we want to hear everything from what you love, what you’d like to hide, and what your lifestyle is.
  • Design input. Your dress, your way! Choose from our countless combinations of custom options. Or, have an idea or a photo of something you love? Just ask!
  • Efficiency. Tight on time? Ordering a measuremake dress is on your schedule, without ever leaving your home, and a fitting usually takes less than 15 minutes!
  • Quality. We pride ourselves on a dress that feels beautiful on, which means things like great fabric.
  • No sizes. No more worrying about sizing inconsistency from store to store, or being a different size on top than you are on bottom. Custom fit means it’s “one size fits one,” and that’s you.

Other FAQs

How much does a first appointment cost?
Nothing! First appointments are complimentary! Though most clients do place their first order when we meet.

When can I get a fitting?
Pretty much whenever you want. We work around your schedule and can do mornings, evenings, or weekends. Whatever’s most convenient for you.

Where can I have a fitting?
Your home or office, our studio, a coffee shop or bar, just about anywhere!

Will I need to strip down?
Goodness, no – not unless you want to 😉 You may be asked to take off anything bulky, but otherwise, you’ll stay clothed.

What do I wear for a fitting?
Most any clothes work fine as long as it’s not over-sized or bulky (like a thick sweater or sweatshirt.) Lightweight, fitted garments like yoga pants and t-shirts work really well, but we can also measure over jeans and dresses. The most important thing is just to be sure to wear the same style undergarments you’ll wear with the dress (including shapewear.)

What if I don’t like it?
We want you not only like it but love it, and we’ll make it right until you do! We always offer free alterations or returns.

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