How to: remove stains

Inspired by a client, we wrote a how-to guide on how to handle some of the most common stains! (And really tested all of them on the Measuremake fabric – so you don’t have to!)

The story: It’s not uncommon for us ladies to get foundation or concealer on our clothes from garments rubbing against our faces – either by dressing after we do our make-up, changing our minds on outfit, or trying things on in dressing rooms.

It’s another thing entirely, however, to spill liquid foundation on a garment – and this is what happened to our client, who had her Measuremake custom dress draped on her bathroom vanity when a stubborn liquid foundation tube quite literally got out of hand.

Our client tried spot stain remover and throwing it in the wash, but when it came out still stained, she texted in a half panic to ask if we could help.

To be honest, we had no idea offhand how to get foundation out of the dress. But we agreed to look into it, and after a bit of Googling, a trip to the drug store, and a few hours of testing, we successfully found a solution to share with her – and the rest of our clients. While we were at it, we tested and shared a few others.

If ever you should find yourself in one of the following predicaments, we hope the how-to guide helps.

Measuremake Stain Removal

Below are a few tricks, beyond soap and water, for getting out some of the most common stains. We have personally tested all of these on our fabric, and can verify that they are safe for your Measuremake custom dress.

Important!: remember to always blot your stain rather than rub when possible – too much rubbing will “chafe” the fabric and visibly damage the fibers. Also, try not to pull or prod the fabric while you’re treating it or you may distend the area. It’s best to lay the dress flat to work.


Best Solution: dryer sheet

Sounds a little crazy, right? We thought so too – but it works. Gently rub your deodorant mark with a fresh dryer sheet, and it will gradually work its way out.

If you don’t have dryer sheets handy…

Back-up Solution: water

This ones takes more patience – and/or the courage to sport a small wet patch. A wash cycle is ideal, but chances are you already have the dress on. If that’s the case, get the deodorant mark saturated wet, let it dry, and repeat the process until the deodorant disappears.

Foundation or Concealer

Best Solution: shaving cream

Apply a dollop and gently work it into a lather on the spot. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse.

What actually worked best for us is a combination of shaving cream and dish soap, alternating each one and then rinsing. Because make-up is often a combination of ingredient types, each does a separate job in removing it.

Note: we weren’t sure whether it mattered if the shaving cream was gel or old-school foam. We bought and tested both, and actually liked the gel more.

Back-up Solution: rubbing alcohol

Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and dab it on the stain until it lifts out.

Note: everything we read online simply cited “rubbing alcohol,” so we weren’t sure if they meant ethyl or isopropyl. We bought and tested both and, despite the ethyl being labeled the “rubbing” one, we thought the isopropyl did a slightly better job.

First we tested the solutions on fabric alone and let it dry, to make sure it was Measuremake-safe

This is where we started combining and alternating solutions (alcohol + shaving cream, shaving cream + dish soap, etc.)


No worries, Dexter – we gotchu.

Best Solution: hydrogen peroxide

Wet a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and dab the stain until it lifts out.

Back-up Solution: No. Get thee to a drug store and just buy the HP.


Red wine

Best Solution: Club soda

Tried and true, this is still one of the best ways of dealing with red wine.

Back-up Solution: Salt!

If the stain is still wet, sprinkle it liberally with salt and then wait – the salt should soak up much of the wine. Can also be combined with the club soda.

Here’s a terrific write-up on other ideas for red wine removal. Note, however: though “near-boiling water” is one of the recommendations techniques, we would not advise this for Measuremake fabric, it can only stand up to cold water.


Best solution: Hand sanitizer 

Again, a few applications may be needed.

Indian food

Okay, this is not a super common stain – but those of us who occasionally indulge in our Indian favorites know the stains are wily ones! (The food is so pigmented it often stains delivery containers.) We included it mostly because we just heard of a fantastic, crazy solution to it and, once having tested it, were awestruck that it worked!

Best solution: sunlight!

Seriously. Gently clean the fabric with soap and remove any excess food (ew), and then set it in the sun (we put ours inside a window sill) – the stain will fade away in a few hours to a few days! (And thankfully, we’ve already tested our fabric for sunlight color-fastness, so your garment won’t fade in the process!)

Here’s the before and after with no soap and water! The one on the right still isn’t looking perfect, but this is how it looks after sunlight alone.

Any other stains you want us to tackle or test?! Let us know! We have tons of fabric scraps to experiment with so you don’t have to!

Keep your custom-fit dress looking gorgeous!

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