What makes the perfect sheath dress

There’s nothing quite like a great sheath dress. While other silhouettes are sexier or more playful or on the breaking edge of trend, it’s the sheath that we come back to.

Dependable, complementary, tried and true. The perfect sheath dress is like a good best friend or the man we marry. Having withstood the test of time, they can be relied on to make you feel great in almost any situation.

The two primary things that makes the perfect sheath dress perfect:

1. It’s versatile.

It can go wherever you’re going. The perfect sheath dress fits just about any day of your life, lends itself to any occasion and can be called upon for any event, dressed up or down.

…But it doesn’t steal the spotlight. It bolsters the right kind of attention for its wearer while remaining unmemorable itself, slipping unassumingly away enough that you can wear it again the following week.

Specifically, it:

  • Is timeless, not trendy
  • Is a versatile color, especially black, navy or gray
  • Is light on or devoid of ornamentation and style details
  • Can be worn year-round, from all-season fabric
  • Can be worn with or without a cardigan or blazer
  • Wears as easily in the office as it does out for drinks or a formal day event
  • Pairs easily with a wide variety of accessories, other garments, and any bra type

2. It makes you look and feel good.

Aesthetically, a great sheath dress is balanced. It’s certainly feminine, but it is neither temptress seductive nor little-girl cute. It’s polished without pretense, classy while comfortable, business-ready but beautiful. It is a subdued sexiness; a self-assured “less is more.”

A great sheath dress:

  • Is made from fabric that is structured but forgiving, with a good weight and pleasant texture.
  • Has a good balance of skin on the upper body. Either sleeveless with a modest neckline, or sleeved with a scoop or v-neck
  • Has a knee-length skirt (the knee is the narrowest part of the leg above the ankle and a hemline here makes for a beautiful, elongated leg. Skirts much shorter or longer cut across wider parts of the leg and make it look shorter and more stout.)

On top of this, however, the best sheath dress has the most important factor in making you look and feel good:


A sheath dress that’s made to fit…

  • Is flattering. It follows the lines and curves of your unique body, rather than arbitrarily cutting in places your lines aren’t (such as an ill-fitting, displaced waist seam)
  • Skims and highlights the figure without being too tight or showing it off.
  • Is cut and constructed comfortably, especially around the arms and shoulders

Fit is the most important factor in a dress that will make you look and feel incredible.

After that, it’s personal preference.

Once you satisfy the fundamentals and have a dress that can carry you anywhere and make you feel beautiful, it’s down to things like: sleeves or no sleeves, pockets or nah? Other colors, different necklines, etc… these are the things that make a perfect sheath dress perfect for you.


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