Measuremake is a custom-fit women’s clothing company. We’re tackling the biggest problem in clothing: fit. It’s the number one complaint about clothes and the number one reason garments – especially those bought online – are returned.

Rather than focusing on the limitations of mass manufacturing and large-scale production of just a few sizes, the focus is on producing garments that actually fit each person, in only the amount they’re actually needed.

Measuremake is about the individual. It’s about the human form over fashion; shape over style. It’s a belief that clothes are meant to serve people, and not the other way around. It’s about honoring the fact that we all have different bodies, and that every figure should be clothed accordingly.

A brief history:

First off: my background isn’t fashion. I didn’t come into this knowing much of anything about clothing. Or design or textiles or tailoring or manufacturing or sourcing or sewing or retail. My professional background is business – software and finance.

My interest in apparel manufacturing is personal.

Probably much like you, I’ve been frustrated with clothing fit for a while. I began cobbling together my own dresses in my early 20s, first for formals in college and later evening gowns and sheath dresses for weddings and other events. I didn’t even know how to sew for much of this time (instead mastering the age-old art of “hot glue gun” and “the strategic drape”) and I’ve definitely never been a designer.

But most anything was better than the poor fit of off-the-rack.

As I talked to more women over the years, it became clear that I wasn’t alone in my frustrations. And equally clear that we deserve better – better clothes, and a better feeling about ourselves when we put them on.

In fall of 2015, I began seriously looking into the problem of clothing fit, reaching out to hundreds of industry experts (including factory managers, pattern makers, designers, retailers, and stylists) to ask, simply, why clothes can’t be custom-fit.

The plan was to stop once I found a satisfactory – that is, insurmountable – reason.

But I never got one. So I quit my job, bought an industrial sewing machine (and finally learned to sew), read dozens of books on apparel manufacturing, took a pattern-making class, researched and tracked down fabric, and started solving the custom-fit problem one dress at a time.

Measuremake is that project.

This blog is to share insights and starting a dialogue along the way. Feel free to reach out with comments; questions!

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